Project 4

Raku Firing and Reduction Cooling
Project #4

Problem: Create a series of pieces that use the raku and reduction cool firing process.  

Objective: Learn how to mix a raku glaze. Become familiar with producing ware that utilizes the raku and reduction cooling firing techniques for low fire ware. Use brush decoration as well as wax resist for surface development in raku technique.

Make several color sketches of that explore variations in expression of your personal aesthetic. 

Produce a small body of work (5-10 pieces hand built or 15-20 pieces thrown on the wheel) using simplified forms with smooth surfaces.  Approach the surface decoration as a “drawing” for personal expression.  

Try combinations of bare clay and layering of glaze that relate to the forms of your pieces. 

Consider using the burnishing technique for your reduction cool piece.


Discuss the drawings you have made with your instructor before beginning

Make a series of  forms that will focus on the gazing of the piece as a “canvas”.

Utilize wax resist for the decoration of your pieces

Use bare unglazed clay as black for emphasis.

Make at least one piece that uses the reduction cool technique as a firing process.

-Allow ample time for the kiln to heat up when raku firing.
-Make sure your pieces are completely dry when loading into the pre heated kiln.
-Use safety gear when raku firing.
-All reduction cooled pieces must be down fired to at least 900 degrees for the clay to remain black.
-Do not fire low fire clay to high fire temperatures. 
-Do not confuse low fire clay with high fire clay.