Project 2

Majolica Glazing and Decoration
Project #2

Problem: Create a series of pieces that use cone 04 majolica glaze and brush decoration with stains.  

Objective: Learn how to mix a cone 04 majolica glaze as well as coloring stains. Become familiar with producing ware that utilizes brush decoration through stain application on a white majolica glaze.  Develop imagery that utilizes the layering and color field/linear decoration technique. 

Read the tutorial on the class blog relating to this topic.

Make several color sketches of that explore variations in expression of your personal aesthetic. 

Produce a small body of work (5-10 pieces hand built or 15-20 pieces thrown on the wheel) using simplified forms with smooth surfaces.  Approach the surface decoration as a “drawing” for personal expression.  

Try color combinations that relate to color theory and darker colors as outlines for the emphasis of shapes.

Address the background of your composition and use a light wash of color to spice up the white glaze.


Discuss the drawings you have made with your instructor before beginning

Make a series of simplified forms that will focus on the surface of the piece as a “canvas”.
All pieces should employ the use of multiple color combinations with the addition of black for emphasis.

-Learning this glazing process takes time and repeated firings for refinement of the technique.
-Screen all of the majolica glaze before use.
-Pay close attention to the thickness of glaze application.  The glaze works best when applied about the thickness of a dime.  Too thick and the glaze will crawl. Too thin and the clay body will show through the glaze or the glaze will look “dry” after firing.
-Smooth all of the bubbles and drips on the surface of the glaze before beginning the brush decoration.
-Do not fire low fire clay to high fire temperatures. 
-Do not confuse low fire clay with high fire clay.

The following link shows an explanation for the majolica brush decoration process: